I am 100% satisfied with Vic's and will take my 2005 Toyota 4Runner there again for any service I may need. They were honest, thorough and did excellent work when I took my vehicle in to address a check engine light. Ed handled my service and was OUTSTANDING, taking the time to explain things each step of the way. I'd been to a local dealership previously and they wanted me to spend over $4000 dollars on things my truck didn't actually need and that did not include the repairs that I actually needed, which Vic's performed promptly and without trying to sell me services I didn't need. I highly recommend them.

5 Vic's Auto Center 2/23/2018

I recently moved to Oregon. I tried the dealership first, they tried scaring me into spending $2000 on my car - then I realized, why not go to a local shop? I searched and searched online - but it was actually a neighbor who told me about Vic's. My neighbor has been going to vic's for years and now I found out why - they are HONEST - they are NICE!! They reviewed the dealership paperwork, they inspected my car - only $600 of the $2000 estimate the dealer gave me was actually needed. THANK YOU!

5 Vic's Auto Center 5/22/2016

Worked with these guys since about 2004, my 1997 Jetta and 2001 Impala currently. I don't even have the words. Mike is adorable, kind, professional and trustworthy. He kept my Jetta running for 4 yrs longer than it should. Instead of continuing to work on it he plainly said, "there's nothing else that can be fixed" I moved back to Oregon in 2013, from NC, my Impala had a long list of issues. The front desk lady was so kind to me. My tires were bald, I literally had to flee NC from an abusive relationship. She was astonished I made to Oregon with the shape my car was in. They are step by step getting things in order. I recently took my Impala to another mechanic to have a new catalytic converter installed. Vic's don't provide that service. Check engine light still on, $1687 in the hole and still can't get through deq. Now I need a PCM??? 600-800 bucks maybe...I call Vic's, tell Mike what's going on and he sets me straight. I'm probably being screwed!! Well if anyone can figure it out....it Vic's!!

5 Vic's Auto Center 3/3/2016

I take my Saab in to them for service. It has become more of a challenge to repair this car since GM stopped selling them but their work has always been good and reliable. It is a good little car with very low mileage so hard to give up on it. What recently happened was above and beyond what anyone should expect of a service center. I had a failure of one of my taillight assemblies. I special ordered the part and when it arrived a piece was broken out of it. They installed it so I had a working turn signal and charged me nothing. I re-ordered the part from another company, took the car back in today and they swapped it out for me and still refused to charge me a nickle! I don't know what to say as thank you feels inadequate. Thus the 5 stars.

5 Vic's Auto Center 1/25/2016

I suspected I needed a new alternator on my Nissan, and I needed it quick! I called Vic's at 9am, they told me to bring it in said they'd do their best. They didn't disappoint! They had a new one installed and ready just in time for me to pick it up and drive to the airport. Very professional, excellent communications, couldn't ask for more. Thanks for the expedited service!

Greg - Thank you! It was our pleasure to be able to assist with your repairs and within the time constraints! Vic's Auto Center
5 Vic's Auto Center 7/15/2015

Lovely place run by lovely people (never thought I'd say that about an auto shop)! When I brought my car in, they didn't simply take my money and ask me to leave. They actually took the time to thoroughly explain what was wrong with my car, as well as how they were going to go about fixing it, and gave me a price quote. It's been about a month since my visit, and my car is still running smoothly. I recommend that you go here if you want to be well taken care of..

5 Vic's Auto Center 9/12/2014

I received such great customer service and quick, straight-forward auto services that I felt compelled to review them even though I mainly just review restaurants. So I needed the bulb for one of my signal lights changed. I called at 4:05 pm and they told me what needed to be done with my car. They asked if I could get in before 430pm since many people pick up their cars after this. Since I live 5 minutes away I went right away. They changed my light bulb and charged me only the cost of the bulb $3!!! (Seriously?! That's it?! No service cost?) I was out of there by 4:25pm. The lady at the front desk was the one I spoke with on the phone and she was quite nice. Overall, this is a great no-fuss place. Do you really need anything more than people who know how to get the job done? :-)

5 Vic's Auto Center 5/16/2013

Vic, Margaret and Team,A quick thank you for your help with our Landcruiser. It reliably starts first time, every time for the first time in four years, (despite multiple attempts by other mechanics to solve the problem). I really appreciate the way you listened to my concerns and took great care of the ‘cruise. So, I’d like to at least buy you a cup of coffee. Thanks again,

5 Vic's Auto Center 12/20/2012

Dear Vic, It’s been so long since I have seen you! I thought of you the other day when I was listening to Car Talk on NPR. The brothers mentioned that November 15 is Mechanic Day! Whether it was in jest or not, I immediately thought of you. I want to thank you and your staff for always giving me the best customer service and quality work over the last 20+ years. From my first car, the 1974 Buick Skylark my dad bought from you, to my VW Jetta, which I think was my fourth car. I will always remember my first visit at your garage. I met your beautiful wife. She was so kind to me and I thought it was so cool to have a desk in the garage! Car Talk recommended that customers bake brownies or cookies for their favorite mechanic on November 15, but trust me, you would rather have a thank you letter from me. Thank you, Vic, for being the best mechanic I’ve ever known. Sincerely, Jamie Ann S.

5 Vic's Auto Center 11/11/2012

We have been very pleased with the service and work done at VIC'S.

5 Vic's Auto Center 6/12/2012