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Air Conditioning

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t doing its job, we can help. Whether you have an older or newer model vehicle, our full-service air conditioning repair facility can help keep you cool — even in the hot summer months.

At Vic’s Auto Center, our ASE certified master technicians will perform a professional inspection of the system and provide a complete analysis of the current conditions and the estimated repair cost, whether it’s a simple A/C recharge or a new air conditioning compressor.

Brake Repair

Are your brakes in good shape? Check this list:

  • Does your steering wheel shake when you apply your brakes? (Your rotors and/or drums might need machining)
  • Does your red brake warning light on the dashboard stay on? (Might be an imbalance in your hydraulic system.)
  • Do your brakes make a squealing or grinding sound? (Might be a glazed rotor or the calipers may need replacing.)
  • Has it been more than a year since you had your brakes checked?
  • Is the brake pedal spongy when you push on it? (Might be your hydraulic system.)
  • Is your brake pedal hard to push? (Might be worn out shoes or pads.)

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it’s time to schedule an appointment for a break inspection. Vic’s Auto Center braking system specialists have the latest diagnostic equipment, expert know-how and superior braking parts and components made from premium materials for your vehicle. Make an appointment online or call Vic’s Auto Center to get your brakes checked today.

Engine Repair

Regardless of your odometer reading, Vic’s Auto Center can help keep your engine in original-performance condition. We perform all internal engine repairs from head gaskets and valve jobs to complete engine replacements.

Your engine light on your dashboard is an early indicator of a potential engine problem. It’s best to get a diagnostic test from Vic’s Auto Center as soon as the light comes on, even if you don’t have any obvious engine symptoms.

If you feel something’s not quite right with your engine, but you’re not sure how to explain it, give Vic’s Auto Center a call. Our ASE certified technicians will ask you some questions and when you bring it in, give it a test drive to help us diagnose any issues.

Heating and Cooling

Cooling system failure is the #1 cause of engine breakdowns on the highway. A little maintenance can go a long way to preventing a potentially expensive engine problem and a lot of inconvenience for you and your family.

Keep an eye out for the following signs and symptoms; your car or truck may be telling you it needs a little cooling system care:

  • Dashboard temperature gauge shows the car is in the red or running hot.
  • Any colored fluid is leaking from the engine.
  • Steam is coming from the engine.
  • Car engine smells “hot”.
  • Engine belts and hoses are more than 5 years old or are showing signs of wear, such as cracking.
  • Auto manual recommends maintenance, such as replacement of anti-freeze.

At Vic’s Auto Center, our ASE-certified master technicians will perform a professional inspection of the system and provide you with a complete analysis of the current conditions and the estimated cost of repair.

Unlike many service shops that just perform a “drain-and-fill” of anti-freeze, Vic’s Auto Center provides a complete radiator flushing service.

Steering and Alignment

If steering your car has become unusual or difficult, unfortunately, ignoring it won’t make it go away. A problematic steering system can get worse over time, can wear out your tires quickly, and cause your vehicle to be unsafe to drive. Because uncorrected alignment issues can lead to hundreds of dollars of tire replacement and suspension repair, we recommend scheduling an alignment check every 6 months or 6,000 miles.

Charging and Starting

Click. Silence. Not what you want to hear when you’re on your way somewhere. Get your starting or charging problem fixed fast at Vic’s Auto Center in Lake Oswego.

A starting or charging problem could be caused by a number of things, and Vic’s Auto Center ASE certified master technicians will do a complete inspection and provide you a detailed analysis. Here are a few things they check:

  • Check for loose connections
  • Check fuses
  • Check for loose and worn chains, timing belts nd gears
  • Perform an electrical system test — including checking the alternator, starter, battery and battery cables

Need your vehicle towed? We can help, call 503- 636-7896 and we can get you here.

Fluids and Filters

The oil in your car lubricates the engine and keeps all the parts running smoothly. Over time, the oil gets dirty, thick and sometimes even sludgy. You don’t want that flowing through and clogging up an expensive piece of machinery! You know you need an oil change when:

  • You’ve driven more than 3,000 miles since your last oil change (check your vehicle manual for ideal miles driven between changes).
  • It’s been a year since you’ve had your oil changed.
  • Your oil level is low.
  • Your oil, when you check the level, is dark black-brown on the stick.

Vic’s Auto Center will choose the type of oil that’s best for your vehicle; usually as recommended by the manufacturer. With each oil change, Vic’s Auto Center will also:

  • Change the oil filter. Changing the filter keeps your oil cleaner longer.
  • Inspect your air filter and recommend replacement only if needed.
  • Check your vital fluid levels, such as battery water, automatic transmission fluid, coolant/antifreeze, and brake fluid.

Emissions and DEQ

If you need an emissions check, Vic’s Auto Center can take care of it. Chances are you need an emissions check if:

  • You’re renewing your vehicle (required every other year for vehicles older than 4 years)
  • You’re registering the vehicle for the first time in the State of Oregon and the greater Portland area
  • Your vehicle is not diesel powered, electric, natural gas powered and over 14,000 lbs, a hybrid, motorcycle, or trailer
  • Your vehicle is a gross polluter

Vic’s Auto Center is a State of Oregon DEQ repair certified emissions repair shop. Call us for and make an appointment today to get your car ready to go pass DEQ.

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  • Alternator
  • Auto Glass
  • Axles
  • Brakes
  • Carburetors
  • Check Engine Light
  • Clutches
  • Computer Diagnostic
  • Cooling System/Radiators
  • Drive Train
  • Electrical
  • Emission/Smog Check
  • Engines
  • Exhaust/Mufflers
  • Fleet Service
  • Flushes
  • Fuel System
  • Inspection/Diagnostics
  • Lights
  • Oil Change
  • Overhaul
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Speedometers
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Timing Belts
  • Tires
  • Tune Up
  • Wheels
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